Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scary Men and a crying baby

I've had this Teddy bear since I was born. The quilt was made out of my baby clothes.

Yesterday escaped and I didn't give you a story. Todays flashback takes place in the same house and still in the 70's.  This one is a scary one so grab your Teddy bear to hug.

My room faced the backyard,it was a large spacious room that I love and still miss to this day. In the closet was a secret door in the floor that lead to the under belly of the house. A place where the most silky and soft dirt lived. My sister and I would climb through it often. I actually thought we were the only ones to know it existed. I had my toy box over it,so that no one would find the door. Silly Girl!

Ok,on to the story.

It was in the evening and already dark outside when I went into my room after my shower. I had super long,thick, straight hair and my mom would make me wear the towel turban until it was dry enough to drag a comb through. Like all little girls,I would pretend my towel was a crown or sometimes a a fancy hair style.

 I was modeling my beehive when I heard a baby crying. I thought it was odd that a baby would be outside  and I went over to the window and carefully pulled back the pink and orange curtain (it was the 70's!) to look outside. There he was! A man standing outside my window. I screamed,closed the curtain and my mom came running. I told her there was a baby crying and a man in the backyard. She went and got my dad who was out front with a friend and he came in looked out my window and said there wasn't anyone there.

Little while later I heard the baby crying again and this time it sounded so close! Carefully, again I pulled back the curtain and lo and behold the man was there again. I shut the curtain and screamed,or maybe I screamed and shut the curtain. Mom came running,went and got dad blah blah blah. I insisted there was a man out there,so Dad went and got his gun and he and his friend checked the backyard and the alley and couldn't find anyone.

No man and no baby and no explanation as to why I saw a man and heard the baby.

Dad went back to what he was doing and I was in my room and again there was the baby crying and crying. Third time's a charm right? This time I was determined to get a good look at this man. The man that I knew for a fact that was in my backyard staring at my room.

I sucked up my courage and slowly opened the curtain and yep there he was. I wasn't going to scream. I was going to yell at him to go away.

Hey wait a minute!

Why is that man wearing a beehive like mine? Oh Oh that wasn't a man, it was my reflection in the glass distorted from the fogged up window and my bedroom light. I closed the curtain and peeked again,yep it was me the whole time! I never told my mom or dad who the man was. I thought I would get in trouble.

And the crying baby?

It was a cat.

A cat and my reflection,isn't it wonderful how our minds work when we are little? To this day I hate when cats make that noise and I still occasionally get startled by the man outside my window.


  1. That is some story! Cats can sound like babies crying way to closely, especially if they are of Siamese decent.
    Not fun.

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  3. Her story reminded me of when I lived in my first apartment. I woke up in the middle of the night and swore there was a man outside my window staring at me. I was half way to the door before my brain kicked in and reminded me I lived on the 4th floor and there was no way anyone was outside my window unless they were floating there! Thanks for the memories and how your mind can play tricks on you.